Singer-Songwriter | Sally Cranham

Sally is a singer and songwriter from the UK who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota doing a year placement with Source MN in their anti-trafficking work. Sally has travelled extensively, sharing her music, writing songs and performing to varied audiences around the world. Her music captures the brilliant questions of life and the process we all enter to seek the answers.

Photo of Sally performing a concert.

Her passion for Biblical Scriptures as a doorway to a deeper understanding of the human condition finds its way through the words she writes on a page, and the voice she has been given to share them.

Sally has two albums which are available on iTunes. ‘Your House’ was released in 2014 and ‘Leave to Return’ in 2015. She also has a five track EP called ‘Find the Now’ which was released in 2009.

Photo of Sally in dungarees sitting on a sofa.

Singing from an early age, Sally always knew that music and performing were going to be a big part of her life. After many years of singing in church and working with various other musicians as a session singer she started to see the extent to which writing songs and singing would shape her life and the choices she made.

Singing has led her into new opportunities, not only to express herself through her writing but also to travel and share her gift. She is an ambassoder for Compassion UK and Eden Ministry and has done a number of solo tours highligting their work. Sally’s work with Source MN includes advocating for the charity and she hopes that many creative opportunties will unfold as she starts her volunteer position.

Photo of Sally singing in a beautiful church.

Sally writes songs from seeing her story in the bigger picture of life and the world we all live in. She reads and studies the Biblical Scripture and finds the inspiration for a lot of her material from her study and love of Gods word. She is fascinated by how many questions are in the text, rather than it always being about the answers, and she leans her songwriting into this space.

Sally loves to sing and her music gives people time and space to process all that life brings. She is a worship leader and also loves to run creative workshops. If you would like to book Sally for your event drop her an email at